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About Us

About us

Om Distributor is one of the renowned suppliers and Consignee Agent for Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (Dispovan), G. Surgiwear, Ribbel International Ltd. and other surgical companies for the state of Maharashtra. We have a wide range of disposable products such as syringes, surgical blades, gloves, mask, I.V, Sets, folley catheter, drapes, implants and the products related to COVID 19.

We believe in adhering to the highest quality standards, while serving our customers. We are committed to helping customers with unhindered supply of goods. The smooth supply and availability is our U.S.P in this supply chain business. Our knowledgeable staff offers customer-focused service and provide exclusive benefits to customers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services.

We believe in customer service and ethics based business. Due to the precision workmanship of specialized and trained workers and the great care taken in the manufacturing of the products supplied by us. We make constant progress in making available goods which are in demand. One of the main strengths of Om Distributor is its ability to rapidly adapt to customer requirements, relating to the quality and the variety of the products.